The Power of Words and Thoughts

Did you know that you think 80-90 ,000 thoughts in one day!

Did you know that of those 80-90,000 thoughts about 90% are thoughts you had yesterday!

Did you know that 80-90% of those thoughts are negative?

These are pretty alarming stats and are real eye openers when it comes to addressing how we are feeling. Think this couldn’t be true? I encourage you to do your own survey of your thoughts. Get a small note pad and pen and carry it around with you. Mark down every time you have a thought and whether it is positive or negative!

There was an experiment done with plants where, for 30 days, two plants either received positive or negative messages. The results were astonishing. After 30 days, one plant flourished while the other one, receiving negative messages, looked like it was dying. Here is the link to view the experiment:

Dr. Masaru did a similar experiment with the effect of thoughts, words and emotions on water. The results were the same, and very strikingly revealed.

If our outward thoughts can have such an impact, it stands then that our own inner critic is just, if not more, powerful on us and our health.

Have you heard of ITFAR?

ITFAR is the acronym that breaks down how our thoughts and feelings come about….Influences affect our Thoughts that create our Feelings set us into Action that gives us our Results. Our results can be many things, one of which is our more prevalent feeling state - happiness, contentment, depression, anxiety or anger. Our influences today can be many things from the people we hang around with to advertising we see, reading material, music, the weather and family upbringing where we may have internalized the voice of a critical mother, father or caregiver.

Often we do not slow down enough to acknowledge the full impact our influencers are having on us, if we did we might take greater care to our exposure. This is the premise of adverting: The more exposure of an ad the greater the influence.

The first part to any change is to become aware.

Now that you are aware you can choose what influencers you want in your life. You can choose to limit your exposure to negative people, what you read, eat and watch. The tricky part is to change up our thought patterns.



A mantra is a short phrase you create. The essential parts of the mantra are that it is positive, easy to remember and you believe it.

Mantras are wonderful, in that we can only think of one thing at a time, so if you are worried, anxious, angry or depressed a mantra can stop you from intensifying your state by not mulling on it. A simple mantra may be “I am in the process of positive change!” Is it believable, yes, you are in a motion toward being more positive. This mantra is not confined to one type of change so it can be used in many different situations and thought processes.


Become aware of the words you and others use, you may be very surprised! Common, low energy words are are used frequently.

Low Energy Words Empowered Statements

Should (others choice is better)                                 COULD

Can't (helpless, unable)                                              CHOOSE or CHOOSE NOT TO

Try (predisposes failure)                                              I AM IN THE PROCESS OF....
                                                                                    CHOOSE OR CHOOSE NOT TO

I will (putting off to tomorrow)                                      I COMMIT TO....

But  (cancels out what was said                                  Just don't use it.
         before the but)

When using I Am ensure the adjective that describes your is positive as I AM reflects our soul energy. So instead of saying I am…depressed, angry, anxious rephrase it to I feel….as feelings are always in flux.

As we change our feelings about ourselves our energy shifts. Just think of the difference we can all make in preserving not only ourselves but our world as we join forces in positive resonance!


let me rephrase that….

Just think of the difference we can all make in preserving ourselves and the world around us with positive resonance!