Professional, effective and affordable psychotherapy, so you can live a happier, more fulfilling life.

At the Centre for Psychotherapy & Emotional Bodywork (CPEB):

  • We honour every individual and their journey.
  • We create a safe environment in which clients are open to revealing and exploring their personal dynamics that contribute to their emotional distress.
  • Utilizing many techniques, we guide the client to broaden their range of experience so that they can come to a new understanding of themselves and their challenges.
  • Acquiring this new understanding of one's self opens up new possibilities in every day life to respond anew.

Core Values

Foundation of connection based on respect, integrity and truth
Caring relationships
Working creatively
Openness to possibilities
Seeing potential with everyone and everywhere
Fostering hope

Vision Statement

  • To continually expand and explore the relationship between the mind, body and spirit as they affect healing and health of the individual.
  • To engage in ongoing study of new techniques that aid clients to come into this understanding of themselves so that they can make and continue to affect positive change and healing in their own life.
  • Therapists with CPEB continue to work their own process, expanding their training and exploring their personal dynamics so that they can offer current, effective, therapy and be beacons of hope to the clients they serve.

We Treat

Depression, anxiety, anger issues, chronic illness, stress, personal relationships, workplace dynamics