If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Wayne Dyer

Do you struggle in making decisions?

Do you second guess yourself?

Do you prefer when others make decisions for you?

Do you feel afraid?

Do you find yourself always worrying, fretting or avoiding?

Do you experience ritualized behaviour or panic attacks?

These are symptoms of Anxiety.  This is the way the body informs us to “be alert” and become aware.  Often though, people feel frightened by Anxiety and find ways to subdue the feeling.

Anxiety affects about 12% of the population.  

If anxiety goes unchecked it can produce panic attacks   It has been found that if a person suffers from anxiety they may also have challenges with depression.  This is because anxiety and depression, like many emotional challenges, have similarities.  Anxiety keeps the person “on the go” worrying about  making a “wrong choice or move”.    While the depressive person feels they are already there – life can not or will not get better – why choose?  Both states have difficulty making decisions and have similar physical symptoms:  nausea, stomach issues, eating disorders, general aches and pains with no obvious cause, headaches and interrupted sleep.

Anxiety Management Packages


3 sessions including:

Assessment of Anxiety
Individualized Visualization
Bio-dynamic massage


5 sessions including:

Assessment of Anxiety
Individualized Visualization
MP3 file of Visualization
Emotional Bodywork exercises
Bio-dynamic massage



Relaxation & Visualization is a deeply relaxing and restorative practice with many health benefits.

Relaxation & Visualization allows one to be just aware of stress and concerns while letting them go through the guided meditation.  This process creates deepening degrees of calm throughout the whole body.  The result is that the physical body releases its holding patterns of distress allowing for full and complete relaxation of the mind and body.

You will leave the session feeling extremely rested with a deep sense  of calm and clarity.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and booked directly
Individual and Group (up to 5 people) rates

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