Depression is often described as blackness. Did you know that the colour black is made up of many colours?

Addressing discontent and depression early allows you to keep and improve the life you have today.

We all experience the ups and downs of emotion.  It is when we struggle just to feel “OK” that we need to seek help.  

The onset of depression is often very gradual and can become a chronic lacklustre way of living or one day it can become overwhelming and perhaps just as paralyzing as a panic attack.   This is why depression and anxiety are often put together.  In the depressive state one feels the lack of energy and desire to move.  The person who experiences anxiety is often too worried to make a decision and is full of an energy that goes in circles without resolve.  Both states have an “avoidant” aspect to them.  There is an escalation in emotion with no action being taken.  Individuals may turn to eating more, increased and sleep and alcohol/drug consumption or greater “busyness”.   There is potential for addictive behaviour which can begin cycles of despair that can further erode one’s self esteem, increase negative thinking, damage relationships and employment.

Reflect on the pace of your life?  

How often do you reach for an easy fix – distraction, eating, alcohol, sleeping?

Do you have time to relax for good self care?

Are you challenged by irritability and trouble sleeping?

Are there relationships or decisions you are avoiding because you feel overwhelmed?

In addressing depression, you will gain greater clarity about your self and your relationships that can empower you to make positive change in your life.   There is opportunity for client’s physical pain to decrease allowing them to reassess their medications and not require extended leaves from work or longer, more involved, treatment plans.

Depression Management Packages


3 sessions including:

Assessment of Depression
Individualized Visualization
Depression management plan


5 sessions including:

Assessment of Depression
Individualized Visualization
MP3 file of Visualization
Emotional Bodywork exercises
Depression management plan



Relaxation & Visualization is a deeply relaxing and restorative practice with many health benefits.

Relaxation & Visualization allows one to be just aware of stress and concerns while letting them go through the guided meditation.  This process creates deepening degrees of calm throughout the whole body.  The result is that the physical body releases its holding patterns of distress allowing for full and complete relaxation of the mind and body.

You will leave the session feeling extremely rested with a deep sense of calm and clarity.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and booked directly
Individual  and Group (up to 5 people) rates