Ann Schnurr, RP

Ann Schnurr, RP Director, CPEB Therapies

Ann Schnurr, RP
Director, CPEB Therapies

Ann is a Registered Psychotherapist, holds a diploma from the Institute for Psychotherapy and Emotional Bodywork (IPEB, 1999), is a member in good standing with The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) and The Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapists (CAPT).  She has been in private practice since 2000. As a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Ann works with a wide range of approaches which enable a client to understand their personal dynamic in the challenges they face and to gain a deeper sense of themselves. Ann’s approach is client-centred, respectful, confidential and empathic - this is the client’s journey, to which she offers trained insight and guided exploration. During session work with Ann, the client gains a new understanding of their life patterns allowing them to grow and form new responses and connections to others. The therapeutic goal is for a client to enter into a life-long dialogue and awareness with themselves so that, after formal therapy has ended, they may continue to make healthy life choices.

Ann Schnurr is registered with Green Shield Insurance and is an approved provider for registered psychotherapy services.

Ann addresses:  Depression, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Chronic Illness (eating disorders, cancer, IBS, etc), Personal and Work Relationships.


A Note from Ann:

Acknowledging within yourself that life can be better and beginning to source a therapist to assist you in this journey is a very life affirming action.  In just this action alone, you may become aware of subtle changes occurring in your life or that you are dreaming more.

Please take some time to review my website so that you can get a better sense of my approaches and what I can offer you in your journey.

Attending a therapy session is not a weakness – it’s a strength!  I know this from that which I witness in my clients on a daily basis. For me, there is no better feeling than when I work with clients and they begin to get their "AHa" of deep understanding of themselves and their challenges and change begins to flourish in their lives.

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."  -Michelangelo

My role as therapist is to assist my clients to see, understand and release that which binds them from living a more fulfilling life.